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Our Services

A comprehensive array of preventive and primary care services is available through a physician- directed family practice model of care based on a sliding fee schedule at Mercy Medical Health Center’s single clinic location in Hodge, LA. No individual is denied services due to an inability to pay. Staff follows clinical protocols, established by the medical director, to provide a full array of HIPAA compliant, comprehensive primary care services to patients across the life cycle.

  • General Primary Medical Care. General primary and preventative medical care.
  • Diagnostic Laboratory. Mercy Medical Health Center currently provides on-site diagnostic laboratory services, including common CLIA-waived point-of-care testing such as influenza, urine pregnancy, rapid group A strep, glucose checks, occult blood, and reagent strip urinalysis. For more complicated test, LabCorp services are utilized, with an on-site phlebotomist and daily courier pick-ups. LabCorp offers reduced fees and cash prices for these services.
  • Screenings. To increase access to primary preventative, comprehensive, physical, mental, developmental, dental, hearing, vision, and other screening test to detect potential problems. Mercy Medical Health Center has added EPSDT program. Mercy Medical Health Center provides age and gender appropriate male and female screenings to detect cancer early for appropriate intervention.
  • Coverage for Emergencies During and After Hours. Emergency and after-hours coverage is currently provided by the Jackson Parish Hospital emergency department, which is open seven days per week, twenty-four hours daily.
  • Voluntary Family Planning. Voluntary family planning services are available on-site and, when appropriate, providers offer users the opportunity for additional information, education, and access to family planning and sexually transmitted disease prevention resources such as the local parish health unit.
  • Immunizations. Mercy Medical Health Center refers scheduled pediatric vaccinations to the Jackson parish health unit as appropriate. All patients are assessed for and offered annual influenza vaccinations on-site as appropriate. Other vaccinations, such as for pneumonia, are available through the local parish health unit.
  • Well Child Services. Well child services are currently provided for all ages directly by the primary care providers of Mercy Medical Health Center.
  • Gynecological and Obstetrical Care. Mercy Medical Health Center currently provides basic gynecological services such as PAP and STD screenings. Other facets of women’s health care, including screening mammography, are managed by the clinic primary care providers through referral and scheduling screening exams with Jackson Parish Hospital
  • Pharmaceutical Services. The on-site pharmacy at Mercy Medical Health Center is a convenient way to see a provider and get your medications, all in one trip. We provide discounted medications through the 340B Prescription Drug Program or our full-service pharmacy. Here, we are able to offer a wide variety of prescriptions at 45 to 50 percent less than traditional drug stores and accept most major prescription insurance plans. Our pharmacists are part of a patient’s comprehensive health plan as well. We work with other Mercy Medical Health Center providers to help monitor patient medications and ensure that medications prescribed work well with other medications a patient may be taking.
  • HCH Required Substance Abuse Services. Mercy Medical Health Center currently provides screening and treatment referrals for patients at risk of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and other mental health diagnoses.
  • Case Management and Eligibility Assistance. Case management, including a system for tracking and follow-up to ensure continuity of care, are components of MMHC’s service delivery model. Staff nurses provide case management services. When a problem is identified, a nurse works with providers to assist users in accessing resources that are available outside the Mercy Medical Health Center scope of services. Medical support staff complete an assessment of the user’s available resources (transportation, social, and healthcare services) and then develop and implement a case plan for the user to assist in securing needed services. Assistance includes making appointments, coordinating follow-up services (scheduling transportation if necessary), contacting referral agencies involved in the case plan, and assisting in completion of necessary forms and paperwork required to access services. Case management is provided via a provider directed, nurse implemented, team approach to conduct patient follow-up, resulting in fewer missed appointments, enhanced continuity of care, and more comprehensive healthcare services.
  • Health Education. Mercy Medical Health Center currently provides health education as appropriate at every patient visit. The significant health disparities in the area, for example obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, require extensive patient education that is better provided in a formal education setting.
  • Outreach Mercy Medical works cooperatively with local public agencies that serve the area and surrounding areas education prevention for the underserved and are willing to go outside of our walls to reach our parish that serve the area population including, but not limited to the Jackson parish Pine Belt/Head Start program; the Jackson parish health unit; the Jackson parish Council on Aging; area nursing homes; and the Jackson parish School Board.
  • Nutrition MMHC offers weight assessment and education on lifestyle factors that contribute to identified diseases and risks. Those patients identified as requiring more in-depth nutritional education are currently referred to dietary specialists in neighboring Lincoln parish.
  • Transportation is offered for ALL patients of MMHC or Mercy Dental within a 30-mile radius depending on where your appointment location. We also offer transportation for patients who have been referred to a specialist if the appointment location is within a 30-mile radius. Transportation must be requested in advance.