244 Bond Street, Jonesboro, LA 71251

Mercy Medicine

Mercy Medical Health Center (MMHC) is a Federal Qualified Health Center look-alike which enables our pharmacy, Mercy Medicine, to participate in the 340b drug pricing program. This allows us to purchase certain medications at a reduced price and pass along cost saving opportunities to our patients when available.

However, we are restricted from dispensing 340b medications to persons who are not patients of Mercy Medical Health Center; therefore, our pharmacy can only serve MMHC patients. We are able to fill prescriptions from MMHC providers and specialty providers resulting from referrals from MMHC.

Our Services:

If you are having trouble affording your medication, we can assist in providing prescription pricing information, as well as researching any patient assistance program you may be eligible for. We accept most insurance plans including Tricare, LA OGB (state group) and all Louisiana Medicaid plans. Please remember MMHC patients can use any pharmacy of their choice.

To learn more about Mercy Medicine, please contact us at (318) 475-3500.

Physical location: 244 Bond St. Jonesboro, La 71251